Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chair Covers - A Quick List of Tips

Chair covers are my number one way to dress up a wedding. They're far from necessary, but then, neither are foil-embossed invitations but I don't think those are going away any time soon.
Chair covers, when done right, really add to the atmosphere of your ceremony or reception. Photographers always tell me they get better pictures when the venue has chair covers. When done wrong, you might as well have your guests sitting on milk crates. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for chair covers:
1. If at all possible, try to get the chair covers from the same rental company you get the chairs from. Nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting chair cover. Too big and it looks like a sack and drags all over the floor; too small and it rides up or worse, won't fit over the chair at all.
2. If you can't get the chair covers from the same place you get the chairs--for example, if you're trying to cover the ugly burgandy-colored chairs that came with your hotel ballroom--don't rely on measurements. You wouldn't buy a wedding dress you haven't tried on, would you? Bring the chair to the rental company and make sure their chair covers fit your chairs.
3. Nice white chair covers + outdoor wedding reception = bad news. Outdoor weddings are allowed to be a little more casual. Take advantage of that and skip the chair covers.
4. Go for polyester. Cotton is too stiff and satin is too slippery. Polyester is cheaper, and looks nicer than both. If you're in the Raleigh area, I like the ones at DeeJay's: Chair Covers. Plus, if you use them in their wedding hall, they will put the chair covers on and tie the bows for you, leading to my next point...
5. Consider the time it takes to put all those chair covers on, and tie hundreds of perfect bows. It takes three of my helpers a whole hour to put two hundred chair covers on and tie the bows.
6. Consider the cost. In my area, expect to spend at least $8 for nice chairs, chair covers, and chair sashes. In NY, LA, or Chicago? Twice that.
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