Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Having a Holiday Wedding? A few things to think about: Logistics

Every wedding date has its advantages and disadvantages. May weddings are pretty, but always more expensive than January weddings, plus there's the May rains to contend with. You'll save 20-30% by marrying on Friday, but don't expect all your guests to show.
A holiday wedding can be fun, but think carefully about your reasons for choosing that date, or you may regret it.

  • Can you get what you want? The photographer, DJ, or florist you want may not want to work on New Years Eve, or may already have personal plans. Back when I only planned weddings part time, I turned away many New Years, Christmas, and Thanksgiving weddings to spend time with my family. Conversely, your favorite vendor may already be booked--the bride I'm working with this Valentines Day booked me in early 2007. Even with the early start, I had to work hard to get her a venue. All my standbys..Deejay's banquet hall, Longview, Brier Creek, etc, were all booked.
  • Can you afford it? Expect to pay up to 50% more to be married on on-demand days like New Years Eve, Valentines Day, or July 4th, both for the venue itself and for your vendors (DJ, florist, caterer, bartender, wedding planner :D)
  • Can your guests afford it? Your out-of-town guests will face higher air travel and hotel costs if you marry on Thanksgiving Weekend, for example.
  • Can your guests even make it? Time off on the holidays is highly sought-after. If you do choose to have a holiday wedding, don't wait until 6-8 weeks before the wedding to send out your invites. Make it 2-3 months, at least.
  • Do your guests want to make it? Your parents will come, but friends and acquaintances might want to spend Valentines day smooching their own spouse rather than watch you smooch yours.

Oh boy folks, looks like this is going to be a two-parter. Stay tuned!

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