Monday, January 26, 2009

More Cake Tips - How to decorate the cake table

Don't use your nicest table cloth for the cake table! When my parents married, my mother had the brilliant idea to use Great Grandma Ann's hand-made lace tablecloth for the cake table. Guess what happened. Needless to say, that heirloom is not in my family anymore.

Anything you put on the cake table will get cake all over it. The table still needs to look nice, since it will be in a lot of your pictures, but don't use something you're not willing to throw away to decorate it. I recommend renting a white table skirt to go around the edge of the table, and a throw-away square yard of nice fabric from Jo Ann's to cover the table top. The colored fabric top avoids that blah white-cake-on-a-white-table look, and you won't cry when you get frosting all over it.

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